Dec 14, 2016

Shiraito & Otodome Falls

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Today, I would like to talk about Shiraito and Otodome Falls in Fujinomiya city.
(near Shizuoka City) 
Recommended Course

Lake Tanuki → Shiraito & Otodome Falls → Fujisan Hongu Sengen Shrine

We can provide chartered taxi or microbus from JR Shizuoka station and Shimizu Port.
Start from other JR station is also possible.

Approx: 80 minutes from JR Shizuoka station
Approx: 70 minutes from Shimizu station
Approx: 15 minutes from Lake Tanuki

When sightseeing in Fujinomiya city these 2 waterfalls are
must-visit. Ranked among japan's top 100 waterfalls.

They are only 5 minutes walking distance from each other.

Otodome Falls

25meters high and 5 meters wide. 
A powerful waterfall!
Otodome means "to stop sounds".

This is a photo spot (climb the steps)
a bit unstable but don't worry!

According to the legend, 2 samurai warriors (brothers) were talking about
taking revenge for their father near this fall.
But they could not hear each other due to the sounds of this waterfalls.
One of them prayed to stop the noise.

Then, it is said that the fall became silent.

Shiraito Falls 
Many tourists are visiting this spot especially after it was registered
as part of Mount Fuji World Heritage.

Shiraito no Taki means "White Thread Waterfalls"

1.5 ton of water  fall per second.

Waterfalls and Mount Fuji 
Please enjoy the sight of the Autumn leaves changing colors.
Feel so good.

Taken from the top of the waterfall

Not well known to tourists but I recommend you to
 discover that particular vantage point, too.

The falls are fed with melting snows of Mount Fuji.

I am sure that the clean water , the crisp air and the unique view 
will help you relax.

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