Jul 10, 2017

Great Inn "Kashibaya" , Fujieda City,Shizuoka Pref,Japan

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Today, I would like to introduce a unique tourist attraction
in Fujieda City, Shizuoka Pref.

If you are interested in Japanese history or Japanese old style inn for
ancient travelers, this is a highly recommended place.

Great Inn "Kashibaya"
This link goes to my dear friend Robert 's blog post.
It is explained in great detail.

30 minutes from JR Shizuoka Station by taxi
about 13 kilometers
(Monday closed)

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The Great Inn Kashibaya is a museum
where we can enjoy the old style inn of the  Edo era
just if we were ancient travelers.

Okabe Shyuku Station is one of the stations along
  the Tokaido 53 stationsin, Edo era.
(Edo era: 1603 to 1868)

"Tokaido  was a very important highway since Edo Era that
connected Tokyo and Kyoto.(Route E)
Edo means Tokyo.

During the Edo Era, visitting Ise Jingu Shrine from Tokyo was
 a very populartravel .
People walked all the way to Ise Jingu Shrine from Tokyo.

Travelers in Edo Era.

This is Mariko Shuku Station near  Okabe Shuku Station.

Inside  this private little museum

Very steep stairs taking you to the 2nd floor!

The tipical dinner of this time. (Oh,very simple and healthy.)

Guests Tatami bedroom

Tatami room for travelers to sleep.

Travelers enjoying their drinks (the same whatever the era!)

High grade room on the 1st floor.
In an emergency, travelers could escape more easily
than those staying on the 2nd floor.

Cherry blossoms and travelers during the spring season.

A garden in front of the high grade room.

Japanese Kimono. You can try these on!

We recommend you to relax while  enjoying
old Japanese culture!

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