Aug 12, 2017

For cruise ship passengers,/ Shimizu Port / Thank you for your requests!

Hello, Welcome to our blog!

We are a travel agency in Shizuoka City.

We are providing private tours for cruise ship passengers
 start from Shimizu Port since March,2016.
 (mainly by jumbo taxi, regular taxi) 

Our popular courses are travel around Shimizu area
travel around Fujinomiya area (near to Mt.Fuji) 
3-5 hours private tour

A Cruise ship and Mt.Fuji / Shimizu Port

We have welcomed many many guests.
Thank you for joining our tours!

A Jumbo Taxi for a family

A Jumbo taxi for a family

A Jumbo Taxi for a group

A Regular Taxi for a couple

Our guests and our English speaking driver(very few).

Our guests, our driver ,our English interpreter guide.

Our guests and Shizuoka University students.
(volunteer English speaking guide / ※not provided for every time.)

Shimizu Port boasts Japan's biggest catch of tuna!
Lesson by professional sushi  chef working at the
No.1 fishing port in Japan. 

Sushi Making Experience at Shimizu Fish Market "Kashi-no-ichi"
Please consult us in advance if you would like to experience this plan.
(Note: Wednesday is closed. )

Our guest from Australia and I.

Very gladly, we have already received requests for next spring.
(March, April, 2018)

If you have a plan to visit Shimizu Port and have a plan 
to enjoy a private tour, please contact us!

Nihondaira Plateau

Thank you.
We are looking forward to meeting you!