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Hello, Welcome to Kobe page!

Do you have a plan to visit Kobe Port by a cruise ship?
And are you looking for short time taxi tour from Kobe Port?

We are a travel agency in Shizuoka City (not in Kobe), but
we have a partnership with a taxi company and the interpreter organization
in Kobe. So if you would like to travel Kobe by taxi, please contact us.


Kobe is well known as a fashionable town with its western style atmosphere.

On the other hand, Kobe is one of the famous district
 in making Japanese Sake.

Do you know that there are some very popular
 Japanese Sake Breweries are gathering in Kobe city?

It is called Nada area.

It means Sake Brewery Street.

You can visit some famous Sake Breweries at once in Kobe.
We would like to introduce "Kobe 3 Sake Brewery Tour"
(This is an example. We will make your own tour  by your wishes.)

Please look at the map below.

① Hakutsuru Sake Brewery Museum (7.2km from Kobe Port).
It takes only 30 minutes from Kobe Port by car.

Check its English website from the link.
Highly recommended!

 You can learn how to make Sake.

You can visit each of the manufacturing process.

You can select these languages!

He explains about some kinds of  sake .
Of course you can enjoy tasting!

So good~!

 Go to the next brewery!

Kikumasamune Sake Brewery Museum 
(not far from Hakutsuru)

Kikumasamune is well known as authentic dry sake.
「日本酒で乾杯」="Cheers with Japanese Sake".

One of my favorite sake is 「樽酒」Taru Sake.
Taru means barrel. Wooden aroma, so relaxing!

Here is youtube about each Sake by this company.

They sell a lot of types of liquor.

Liquor shop in the museum.

Many tourists visit this museum!

 Go to the last brewery.

Hamafukutsuru  Ginjo Brewery and shop.

「浜福鶴」= Hamafukutsuru
Not so large brewery comparerd with Hakutsuru or Kikumasamune.
But staffs are so attractive and tastes of Sake is also good.

Upstairs, Sake making experience area

Rice in this barrel

In this season these machines do not work.

More photos & information ⇒ their website

You can feel relaxing.

He is Mr. Miyawaki.

He is the specialty guide of Sake at this company.

He explains about these various Sake and
 he serves us tasting one after another.
Tastes are so good. I like this brewery.

Oh, she tasted too much?

How would you like "Kobe 3 Sake Brewery Tour"?

Of course we can arrange by your request.
Destination, the size of a taxi (regular taxi, van taxi),interpreter/guide.

It is our great pleasure to support your short stay at Kobe.

Please feel free to ask us anything.  Thank you!


website: www.shizuoka-tour.com

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