Jun 19, 2019

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(June 19, 2019)
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This blog site moved into our new website.

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Dec 25, 2018

Shimizu private tour Customers' Voice

Hello Hirokane

We have received the voucher and will bring it with us.
We look forward to our excursion. 
Thank you for your attentive and professional assistance and service.

(Thank you for your message. 
Our guests from Canada. We also look forward to serving you! Hirokane)

For Norwegian Jewel passengers who call at Shimizu!

A Special excursion with students!
(Shimizu Port, Japan / 7th October 2018)

Shizuoka Outback Tour with students!
①Lantern Festival  
②Green tea ceremony
③   Edo period inn (19th century)

9:00-15:00 (7th October 2018) 
Start and finish at Shimizu Port
Participants:up to 12 persons
4-5 numbers of  students and their professor (a national licensed guide) will accompany this tour.
1st trial Special Price!: US$ 60/person
or 7,000 JPY/person

You can enjoy the movie! 

click below to the short movie

Shimizu Port → (Edo period inn) Ohatago Kashibaya → Gyokuro no sato → Lantern Festival → Shimizu Port

(※included: medium sized bus tour, licensed English guide, 4-5 number of volunteer students who make this excursion more enjoyable, 
green tea ceremony at Gyokuro no sato, making your own Rakuyaki (tea cup) experience at the festival,)

(※not included: lunch)
Please have your own lunch at the Lantern Festival.

This tour will be held under the collaboration of 
Tokoha University, Fujieda City and us

Lantern Festival held on 7th October
(Note: As our tour will be held in the daytime ,
lanterns will not be turned on yet.)

Old style Japanese Inn in Edo period (19th century) / Ohatago Kashibaya

Gyokuro no sato (Japanese garden & green tea)


With friendly Students!
These students are studying English and Tourism at Tokoha University and this tour was planned by them and their professor.

Their wishes are simple.

1. They want to be your good partners who can help your shore excursion very enjoyable and memorable.

2. Through communicating with overseas travelers, they want to improve their English ability and communication skill.

3.They are wishing to introduce you profound Japanese culture in countryside which you can hardly experience through conventional large bus excursions.
This is their first time to plan a tour. They have spent much time to prepare for this tour. (visiting each destination, studying about each history, taking many photos in order to advertise the tour. )

If you are interested in these students' challenge,  please join us! They  are looking forward to serving you!

Ohatago Kashibaya (stay about 60 minutes)
This is an old inn in Edo period. (now only for sightseeing, not opened as a real inn) When you enter this inn, you can feel as if you were a Shogun who were exclusively allowed to use this inn.

You can learn how ancient travelers spent their time in this old inn. if you like, you can also enjoy wearing kimono in this facility and take pictures for SNS!

Gyokuro no sato (stay about 50 minutes)
This facility is the most popular spot among overseas travelers who visit Fujieda City. It has beautiful Japanese garden and tea room.

 You can enjoy Gyokuro and Japanese confectionery. 
Gyokuro is a name of the highest quality of Japanese green tea. It has wonderful fragrance, sweet taste and richness.

Gyokuro farming is very hard work,so the cost of it is expensive. But in this tour, you can enjoy Gyokuro in Japanese tea room with beautiful garden.

Lantern Festival (stay about 75 minutes)
Fujieda City has a long tradition of ceramics.
They make ceramic lanterns too.
This festival is held only once a year, on 7th of October.

You can experience  "Rakuyaki".
 Rakuyaki is a kind of pottery. Usually, people use ”pottery wheel” to molding  but Rakuyaki is molded by maker's hands and spatula. 

Rakuyaki in Fujieda takes only 15 minutes and all the completed article has original color and design. Of course you can bring pottery you made!

Photos taken by students are as below.

Ohatago Kashibaya

Ohatago kashibaya

Gyokuro no sato
(Miyazaki pref, Kagoshima pref, Shizuoka pref.)

Gyokuro no sato

Pretty Lanterns

"Setoya Croquette" at Lantern Festival
(popular among locals)

Meeting at their university

She is making the itinerary.

Please enjoy the slide show below!

Why don't you enjoy the one and only event
with us?
We are looking forward to meeting you!

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