Jul 25, 2016

Making Sushi Experience at Shimizu Fish Market "Kashi-no-ichi".

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We have provided a charter taxi tour  for the cruise ship passengers 
at Shimizu Port on July 18.

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Today, I want to write about "Making Sushi Experience".

The real sushi chef will teach you !
Shimizu Port boasts Japan's biggest catch of tuna!
The sushi restaurant "Yasubei" is one of the popular restaurant in this market.

Thank you for your participation!
The sushi chef shows how to make sushi.

Step 1 ..., Step 2..., Step 3

The interpreter guide is explaining in English.

Something seems difficult….

After that, let's try to make them by yourself!

You can select your favorite "neta".
They are all so fresh!
Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp….

Wasabi on a small dish
Have you ever tried?

It looks fun!

"Please look at my way."
The teachers helps you to make sushi. !(^^)!

Oh, Well done! So beautiful !!!

Now, let's eat !

Thank you so much for your join !!!
Next time, please enjoy sushi party at your country!

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Jul 4, 2016

Experience making Sushi at Shimizu Fish Market,"Kashi-no-ichi" near Shimizu Port.

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We are a local travel agency and providing taxi tour service and activity
for the cruise ship passengers at Shimizu Port!

Do you have a plan to visit Shimizu Port by cruise ship on July 18th 2016 ?

Today let me introduce our special event  which will be held
at Shimizu Fish Market"Kashi-no-ichi" 

"Kashi-no-ichi" means market at the fishing port.

Experience making Sushi at traditional sushi restaurant 
"Yasubei" in Kashi-no-ichi.
He is a sushi chef at Yasubei.

The contents are as follows.

1. Learn the way to make sushi rom a sushi chef.
2. Select 10 kinds of toppings and make your own sushi.
3. Enjoy eating delicious sushi you make and rolled sushi the chef makes with miso soup and green tea.

Duration: 12:00~13:30 (Leaving Shimizu Port at 11:40 by taxi.)
Guide: An English speaking guide is available.
Price: 10,000yen per person
Participants: Up to 8 people 

I found this calendar on the wall of this restaurant.
"Try Fun and Flavor of Delicious Sushi!"

Salmon, Tuna, Shrimp, Squid,…

The market itself is such atmosphere.
It is a very popular  for tourists and neighborhood.

Shimizu Port boasts Japan's biggest catch of tuna!
Why don't you learn to make sushi from a professional sushi chef
 working at the No.1 fishing port in Japan!

We are sure that this experience will be your unforgettable memory at Shimizu.

  How would you like it?

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