Jul 28, 2018

Steam Locomotive & Farm stay in Shizuoka

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This is Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.
We are a travel agency  in Shizuoka City,(near Mount Fuji) Japan.

Today, I would like to introduce "Farm Stay" in Honkawane town, 
Shizuoka prefecture

Our guest from France.
She enjoyed 2 nights at this farmers' house last June.

The lady wearing the red apron is Ms.Watanabe, the host of this farmers' inn.
They held a vegetable B.B.Q for this vegetalian guest.

You can visit this place by taking the  Oigawa Railway.
We recommend to board this Steam Locomotive at Shin Kanaya Station.

Oigawa Railway Steam Locomotive

Normal train on Oigawa Railway Line

In April,  enjoy the beautiful views of teaplantations in this particular area.

12:45 Arrive at Shimoizumi Station 
(Please check the latest time table before starting your travel.)

This is very rare Japanese old style post box that we seldom see anymore.

The farmer can pick you up at this  station.

Some farm houses can accept overseas travelers.
You can enjoy vegetable harvest experience, cooking dinner with farmers,
making soba noodles, sleeping in traditional Japanese tatami rooms,  communicate with locals, go to onsen / Japanese hot springs, e.t.c.

Traditinal Japanese tatami room
Guests spend the night in this room.

 Do you know  "Kotatsu"?
This is a Japanese style heater. very comfortable!

Green tea and handmade orange confectionery

The view from the farmers' house
Please note there are  no convenience stores around there.

Hanabi (fireworks) with local people

You can also enjoy visiting Kawane Onsen.
Would you like to  spend a leisurely time like her?

If you are interested in farm house stay, this area is recommended.
It is easy to visit it by train and people are very warm.

We can introduce and arrange  a farm house on request.
Please feel free to contact us when you  need arrangements.

Thank you!

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