Feb 15, 2018

Customers' Voice (Shimizu Port private tour)

This is Hirokane at Local Travel partners.

We have been providing chartered (jumbo) taxi tours
 for cruise ship passengers at Shimizu Port (Mountain Fuji Port)
 since March, 2016.

Our first time (March, 2016)

Our first time (March, 2016)



Today we received a very happy email!
Thank you for your consultation again.
We are looking forward to welcoming you again!

Good Evening 
We used your taxi service when we visited Shumizu in 2016 and we were very happy with it.

We would like to book a taxi on 28 April from Shimizu port. 
(We will be arriving on the Golden Princess) 
We would like to visit Satta pass and the Tokaido Hiroshige museum of art. 
We hope you are able to accept our booking and look forward to receiving your reply.


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