May 3, 2017

Diamond Princess/Shimizu Port/April 19th, 2017

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We are a travel agency that providing chartered taxis 
for cruise ship passengers from Shimizu Port, Japan.

(van taxis, regular taxis, wheel chair equipped van taxis,
micro buses, )

April 19th, 2017 Shimizu Port
We welcomed the cruise ship "Diamond Princess"!

Diamond Princess & Mount Fuji.
Shimizu Port / Suruga Bay

The Suruga Bay is the deepest gulf in Japan.
It is well known for its incredible variety of fish and sea food.

Shimizu Port (in Shizuoka City)  is famous for being Japan's
biggest tuna haul harbor.

It is close to Shimizu Port.
Definitely worth a visit!

Many Japanese tourists visit Shimizu to eat delicious tuna.

Welcome to Shimizu!
This ship was entering from the backwards.

It looks a like high-rise apartment building!

We welcomed 20 groups of  guests
for our chartered taxi tour on the day.

Thank you for your joining!

Our guests from Australia and our local buddy
(who helps the guests with English) Michiko-san.

This beautiful photo was taken by our local buddy 
Michiko-san on the day.

Our guests from Australia and our local buddy
(who helps the guests with English) Hideko-san.

Our guests from Australia.
They enjoyed a taxi tour with an English speaking driver.
(without our local buddy)

Our guest and I.
We met for the first time, but we had exchanged
 several emails for the last 4 months.

To all our guests, thank you so much for joining our tour!
It is our privilege and pleasure to have you enjoy Shimizu.

We wish you a wonderful cruise.

If you wish to enjoy a chartered taxi trip from Shimizu Port,
please contact us before your joining a cruise trip.

For more information on popular courses 
from Shimizu Port, click here.

We are looking forward to meeting you!

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