Jan 9, 2017

Shizuoka introduction videos (1-3) by Thai travelers.

Hello, Welcome to our blog!

I am Hirokane at Local Travel Partners.

We are a travel agency in Shizuoka City that can communicate in English.

We are providing chartered trips by regular taxi, van taxi, micro bus 
with interpreter (guide).
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We are also providing Rental Crossbike Service and Guided Cycling.
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Today, let me introduce 3 YouTube videos produced by Shizuoka Prefecture 
and T.V station in Bangkok.

2 girls from Thailand travel around Shizuoka. 

These are Thai language movies.

 I think you can enjoy these movies even if you do not understand
Thai language.

From Narita Airport to JR Shizuoka station, 
Free Wifi rental service at JR station, 
Exchange of Shizuoka Tourits Pass
Click here to this YouTube video.

S-pulse Dream Plaza, Chibi Maruko-chan Land.
Click here to this YouTube video.

Shimizu Sushi museum, Shizuoka Oden (our local food)
Click here to this YouTube video.

Shimizu Sushi Museum

Aoba Oden Street

There are  plenty of attractive places in Shizuoka.

It will be a pleasure to share more videos on YouTube with you all!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you.

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