Sep 24, 2016

We are ready to provide taxi tour in Shizuoka city.

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Do you have a plan to visit Shizuoka city?

designated as a part of the Mt.Fuji World Cultual Heritage site

We are a local travel agency that providing taxi tour service in Shizuoka city.
We will pick you up at your hotel (near Shizuoka station).

The best and easiest way to get around Shizuoka is by taxi.

It is especially suitable for those who may find it a bit difficult
 to travel around by bus and train.

We can arrange regular taxi, van taxi, wheel chair equipped van taxi,
microbus, guide(interpreter) for travelers from abroad.

Our guests and a driver at Shimizu Port (Shizuoka city)
regular taxi (capacity: 4 passengers)

Our guests and a driver
van taxi
(capacity: 9 passengers)

A family from Hong Kong 
The woman in white shirt is a driver.
The man (front row, right) is an interpreter.

We arranged strawberry picking in spring. 

In local area of Japan include Shizuoka city , 
there are not so many travel agency that can  communicate
 with foreign travelers  in English. 

We "Local Travel Partners, Inc" would like to support your travel in Shizuoka.

We would like to make your travel more enjoyable in our hometown. 

Please feel free to ask us anything via e-mail.

We always respect a quick reply in English from us. 

These are comments from our guests.

Thank you Hirokane for arranging the tour. Everything was really nice, we couldn't ask for anything more. I certainly will recommend our friends for your tour whenever they visit Japan.

Hi Hirokane,
 All went well with our tour in the Jumbo Taxi. The driver was very helpful and we have a great time. 
I will definitely recommend my friends and associate to use your service if they come to Shimizu.
Thanks and kind regards,

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Thank you!

Hirokane Ishikaki

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