Aug 1, 2016

August 16th, 2016 "Make your own Sushi" Experience for the cruise ship passengers.

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Do you have a plan to visit Shimizu Port by cruise ship?

We are local travel agency and providing taxi tour service and 
enjoyable activities for the cruise ship passengers. at Shimizu Port!
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Today, Let me inform about "Make your own Sushi" Experience!
Sushi restaurant "Yasubei".

Shimizu Port boasts Japan's biggest catch of tuna!
"Kashi-no-ichi" is one of the most famous fish market in Japan.

First, English speaking guide will guide you through the market in a short time.
  and after that you can enjoy  making sushi experience!

1.The real sushi chef at No,1 port  will teach you !
2.You can select your favorite 10 ”neta”(foodstuff) .
3.You can make your own sushi and after that,you can eat them.
4. "Maki-zushi", Miso-soup and Green-tea made by the sushi shop also will be served. 

We are planning 2 times experiences on August 16th.

■ Part 1: 11:30-13:00 ( leave Shimizu Port at 11:15 )

■ Part 2 :14:00-15:30 ( leave Shimizu Port at 13:45 )

■ Price : 8,000 Japanese yen per person

Included: Sushi experience and taxi fare to the fish market
Not included: Taxi fare from the fish market

■ Participation availability: Up to 8 people for each class

■ How to book : Please make a reservation by e-mail 
or you can book at the taxi counter at Shimizu Port.

 For more info about sushi experience
Please check my blog wrote about last sushi making experience!

 We are looking forward to seeing you!

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