May 7, 2016

Fixed-price charterd taxi from Shimizu Port for the cruise ship passengers.

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                                 I am Hirokane Ishikaki at  Local Travel Partners.Local Travel Partners.

We are a travel agency at Shizuoka city and providing  
Taxi service from Shimizu Port.

This service is for the cruise ship passengers from all over the world.

Guests from Austria, Germany in a jumbo taxi.

We started this service from March,2016.

Though there are many sightseeing bus tours as excursions,
we think that there are some passengers who want to enjoy short trip
 in a small group such as couple, friends, family.

So we provide charter taxis (flat rate) at Shimizu Port.

Our system is very simple.

1.We will show you some recommended destinations.

2.You can choose your destinations.(1 or 2 or 3).
(2.5hour ~3hours travel are popular.)

3.We will  customize your tour  and  calculate the travel price.

4.After receipt of payment, we will guide you to the taxi.
(We will explain your itinerary to the driver.)

Guests from China

For more information about chartered taxi tours from Shimizu Port,

Thank you !

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